How to Set Goals by Future Self Journaling

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  • When you think of your future self, you may imagine someone that has it all. They may have the house, the car, the savings account, and the job you’ve always wanted. Even though imagined goals you’ve set may be down the line, you don’t have to think that way. Future self journaling is writing to your future self like you are your future self. Doing this could transform your mindset, put your nerves at ease, and keep you motivated to reach your biggest goals. 

    How to Start Self-Journaling

    Start off sitting down with your coffee, a pen, and your favorite journal for 10 to 30 minutes. Write about how you’d like to set yourself if the next few months, year, or years to come. Would you like to have that car, that career, or that hefty savings account? What would it take for you to get there? To keep up the good work, hang your affirmations all throughout your living area for extra motivation. 

    Keep Up the Good Work With Journal Prompts

    Once you’ve got started, it may be another story to keep it going. Promise yourself to sit down five days of the week to write in your future journal. If you get writer’s block, download our journal prompts to spark inspiration and help you reach the next big step. 

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Future Self Journal

    Ensure that you keep these habits up for at least 66 days to create a strong-standing habit. Once you’ve done that, this act may seamlessly habit without having to get yourself to sit down and journal. Each month of journaling, try to focus on one area of your life (and get specific!) Print out our manifestation checks to write out your goal and hang it on your wall for a simple reminder of what you’re working so hard for. 

    Goal setting shows where you’d like to be in a certain amount of time, but it may be another obstacle when achieving these goals. Keep up with your career, your lifestyle, and your budget using Mint’s app and these go-to printables. 

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    9 months ago

    Around a year ago, I began my journey with affirmations and a gratitude journal. Reflecting on that time, I can confidently say that it made a significant impact on my life. Previously, I would jot down positive askfirmations in the notes section of my phone. However, there is something inherently more powerful about physically writing them down with pen and paper. I. Love. Journaling!! 🙂