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Aside from being the worlds largest meditation magazine for millennials, MeditationMag is a collaborative community of meditators, helping each other along on our personal and collective paths.

We are always happy to publish helpful, well-written, value-adding articles, from members of the MeditationMag community. You don’t need to be a guru, a teacher, or even a long-time meditator in order to submit an article idea. Even if today was your first attempt at meditation, we’d love to hear about your experience!

If you have something you’d like to write about, please email your article ideas to

We cannot guarantee that your article will be featured on or in our print publication Meditation Magazine, but if you follow the instructions below, we will do our best to make it happen.

Recommendations for first-time contributors:

1. MEDITATION: This is the #1 most fundamental thing: your article should focus mainly on meditation. If you‘re writing about another topic (like Yoga, or Health, or Depression, etc), the article should be focused on how that topic ties into meditation. For example, you might write about how you used meditation to cope with depression, or how meditation has improved your yoga practice, etc.

2. ARTICLE TOPICS: We really like the following types of articles (but we’re open to other topics as well):

  • Personal stories of how meditation (or similar practices) affected your life, helped you overcome a specific problem (anxiety, depression, productivity, relationships, etc), helped you heal from something, helped you grow in a certain way, etc. The more specific you are about the circumstances, the more personal, real, and heartfelt your story will be.
  • Adventure / travel stories about a spiritual quest, visiting a master / monastery / ashram / etc, or searching for something (if you have cool photos and/or videos that would be extra awesome)
  • Stories about your personal mission, what you‘re doing in the world, etc, and how that relates to meditation. Ideally it should be something about how you‘re doing something to make the world a better place.
  • Personal experiences you‘ve had with a spiritual master, things you learned from your teacher, etc.
  • Personal insights and/or realizations you‘ve gained through meditation. The more recent & raw the realization, the more real and heartfelt your article will be.
  • New scientific studies about meditation, a summary of recent studies, etc. The best is if it’s your own study, but writing a discussion of other recent studies is good as well.
  • Meditation news, events, new products, etc.
  • How-To-Meditate techniques and tutorials. Please take a look at our “how to meditate” section first, to make sure we don’t already have a recent article on your particular type of meditation. We love featuring all kinds of meditative / spiritual practices from all around the world.
  • Meditation interviews with gurus, teachers, celebs, etc.

3. PROMOTING YOUR OWN WEBSITES/SOCIAL-MEDIA: We are glad to help you promote your own spiritually-related work. You can briefly(!) mention it in your article, and you can talk about it in your author-bio (see section #6, below). You can also send us links to all your social media accounts / websites / etc that you want to promote, and we can include them as social media links below your author bio. Just make sure that your article is chiefly focused on providing value to readers, rather than promoting yourself.

4. NUMBER OF WORDS: If you think your work will need to be edited, or if English is not your first language, please keep the post on the short side (300-500 words). The editing process can take a lot of time. Otherwise, if you‘ve already attained the rank of level-9 grammar ninja, and you‘re confident that your work won’t need much editing, feel free to send longer articles.

5. ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY: We only accept original articles and blog posts that have not yet been published on the internet.

6. IF WRITING FOR THE WEBSITE: 1000-3000 words is ideal, plus a few great images. Please do Keyword Research before you start writing! Keyword research should be done BEFORE even choosing a topic/title for the article. Basically, you want to make sure that there is at least one “keyword phrase” (a question, sentence, or group of words) that a lot of people are searching for on Google, that your article can actually rank for (near the top of the first page on Google). Here are some great keyword research tools. You can also find some great keyword research tutorials on youtube — if you don’t know how to do keyword research, taking an hour or two to watch some of these youtube videos will skyrocket your success as a writer, whether you’re writing for MedMag or for any other online publication.

7. FOR THE PRINT MAGAZINE: 300-1500 words is ideal, plus a few GREAT, sharp, focused, high-resolution images (at least from a recent smartphone, but preferably from a DSLR), that we can publish in the magazine (either non-copyrighted, or you have the rights). The print magazine is a very visual medium – the images tell the story, and the words are more of a supplement.


  1. Send us your article ideas, along with any links that you might have to your website, social media, etc, so that we have a general idea of who you are and what you want to write about.
  2. If we like one of your article ideas, we’ll let you know, and you can write up a rough draft as a google doc.
  3. Send us the rough draft, as an editable google doc. We’ll mark up the google doc with edits and/or comments, and you produce the final draft.
  4. Send us the final draft, along with a short (preferably under 70 words) author-bio and a recent photo of yourself. If you want to promote your work, this is a great place to do it.
  5. We’ll do any fine-edits that need to be done, and publish your article.
  6. If you want to write multiple articles, we are happy to accept your submissions!

Please submit all article ideas to

Thank you so much for reaching out.

May you be well.


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