5 Ways to Deal With Trauma From Your Relationship

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  • Relationships usually get complicated because they involve two people with different personalities and needs living together. Often, people find it hard to live together when no compromises are made or when one person becomes overbearing or too demanding. Such relationships can become toxic and harmful, especially to the person having its worst.

    Preparing when you find yourself in this situation and aspire for a better and healthier life is essential. One of your initial steps should be acknowledging that you’re contending with emotional or verbal abuse, which has caused trauma. Here are five steps to guide you toward rebuilding a stronger and healthier version of yourself:

    Leave Your Bad Relationship

    To start healing, you must leave the relationship causing you pain and heartache. Relationships are supposed to be healthy places where you can grow and improve with the other person’s help. The main idea behind marriage is that your spouse will help you when you are weak, and you can be their strength if they are vulnerable.

    If your marriage lacks this aspect, it may quickly become toxic, and choosing to leave can also become very painful. The best option for a divorce without as much pain as it would be is to use a mediation lawyer. Mediation lawyers try to talk you and your spouse into finding a reasonable solution and agreement without the emotional and financial stress a court hearing can cause. You can learn more from experienced divorce mediation lawyers here.

    Eliminate Unrealistic Expectations

    Even though your spouse might have been toxic, you must understand your place in the relationship. Some of these are reasonable expectations that ought to be implicit, such as being considerate of the suffering of others. However, some people can go overboard, which might make you feel abused. You must identify these unrealistic expectations so you know what part you are playing in the relationship. Dealing with and resolving these expectations is critical to moving on and finding someone else you can build a healthy relationship with.


    A traumatic experience like an abusive relationship is bound to leave emotional and psychological scars that can affect you for years. However, dealing with them sooner is crucial rather than waiting for them to persist and spread to other areas of your life. Meditation is among the best strategies you can employ to begin handling this. You can use it to establish a special connection with your body and mind.

    By creating a safe space and finding a good meditation guide, you can start working through the various aspects of your pain. Combining this with sessions with a good therapist, you can recover quickly and find practical solutions to any issues that may have developed throughout your relationship.

    Find Your Triggers

    Knowing your triggers will enable you to avoid recalling these events and the negative emotions they evoke. Triggers can be people, places, or even smells that remind you of a specific experience that is so terrible that it causes you to react unreasonably. Identifying your triggers will help you avoid them or know how to manage these intense emotions when they occur. Dealing with your triggers is critical to building new and healthy relationships after you have left your toxic ones.

    Prioritize Mental Health

    Your mind is a complex and delicate structure that often does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. This is why imagining something wrong has almost the same emotional impact as going through that bad thing. Also, the converse holds as well. Nourishing your mind with positive and practical thoughts will also usher in the positive emotions associated with those thoughts. Extending self-compassion for your past experiences and granting yourself the space to recover will profoundly enhance your mental well-being.


    You can deal with the trauma of a bad relationship by getting out in the most peaceful way possible and then starting to work on yourself. To grow stronger and smarter, reflect and refine your thoughts and expectations. You’ll be able to benefit from a sound mind and a more resilient spirit if you approach life with the appropriate attitude.

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