Building The Mind Muscle Of Manifestation

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  • Meditation is a healing tonic for the soul, where we heal our soul-wounds and remove mental poisons like anger, grief, addiction or stress. As a teacher of mindfulness-based meditation, I have witnessed how transformative it is, to first recognize that all life is made of ‘energy parcels’, and their frequency changes with how congruent we are with them. When we align ourselves with a higher energy frequency, we tap into a field of manifestation that allows us to live our dreams. Further empowerment comes when we enhance our practice with elevated emotions of compassion and gratitude. When these emotions combine with meditation, we dramatically alter how we touch life; and allow life to touch us.

    Whether you are a novice meditator or an adept practitioner, the experience of manifestation meditation is dependent on the depth of your beliefs and the regularity of your practice – but the results show how anyone can create the destiny they dream of.

    The mind is a muscle – a thinking muscle. Like muscular tissue, our mind-muscle too can be trained, expanded and strengthened. Scientific evidence shows us, the body can create the exact pharmacology needed to heal disease, when we have implicit faith, and regularly visualize the healing. These ‘miracles’ of prayer or manifestations occur in the quantum field, much like the impact of a placebo. By raising our energy frequencies, and selectively placing our attention, we begin to visualize our future selves in the present moment. In this space, we expand our powers of creation, increasing possibilities to manifest our futures. The body follows the reality of the mind. 

     The BluePrint

    Setting up a conducive place and intention

    To begin the practice, create an environment that is soothing and inspiring where you will not be disturbed. Take care to have a goal in mind, and ask yourself, why am I meditating? What do I hope to gain from this? Keep achievable time frames, by stating, how many minutes you will be meditating for, in say, a month. Combine the meditation practice with journal writing, affirmations, and mindful movement. A teacher, a group, videos or a meditation app, can help overcome obstacles such as resistance, impatience, boredom, or a lack of motivation. You may like to play some music in the background, going from biennial beats to theta and delta waves eventually. Keep the lighting low, or use the glow of a candle or blue light, and begin your meditation.

    1. Posture, Quietening, Centring with Breathing

    Sitting in an upright, dignified position, with back, neck, and head aligned, begin your practice. Using your breath as an anchor, become conscious of where you are and how your sensory perceptions of sight, feeling, and listening, are engaged at this moment. Follow the natural rhythm of your breath for a few cycles without trying to control or change it. Intentionally quieten your body, using words such as calm or relax as you inhale, and surrender or let go as you exhale, deepening the awareness of the body as an instrument that breathes. 

    2. Body Scan and Space Connection

    Scan your body from head to toe for any sensations you can notice. Merely label them such as a constriction/ tingling/ ease/ tightness/ pain/ heaviness, and non- judgmentally accept whatever you observe as you continue to breathe with awareness.  Notice the space behind your eyes. Connect with the void and the darkness behind your eyes. Gently, take this awareness of space and depth of the void, to your temples, throat, belly and connect with the space inside the whole body. In space. Feel the stillness.

    3. Set An Intention

    Allow your self to remember that the intention of this practice is to connect your own inner energy with a higher level of consciousness. It is in this space, where there is no self, no being, no form, no time, that you can connect your self with eternity. Notice this space. How deep does it go? How wide is eternity? How high is the space around you? And be at ease. Relax. Surrender.

    4. Love and Gratitude

    Centering your attention in the region of your heart, have the courage to be vulnerable and open it with a leap of faith and trust. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself to feel waves of love and kindness wash all over you. Feel yourself being bathed and comforted by this caring and gentle tenderness. Sense into this cocoon of love, and smile softly. Begin to shine warmth and energy to every cell of your body. Radiate it gradually to those whom you know and love; and eventually to those that are unknown to you, in a concentric, widening circle of love. Fill your being with the immense energy of gratitude and uplift yourself as you recognize the many things that you have and are. Acknowledge the many conditions that support and empower you. At any time, there is always more right than wrong in your life, so fill your heart, body, and mind with this thankfulness.

    5. Deepening Mindful Awareness

    Become aware now of the space between you and the walls of the room. Lifting your awareness higher, feel you are in space, looking down on Earth and floating. Feel the sensation of lightness and, a gentle breeze, in and around the form of your body. Relax….. Allow the breeze to now gently sweep inside you…and through you. Dissolve… with no self-identity at this moment. Only space and a sense of Oneness. Fade and merge with the power of this conscious energy, of the quantum field such that you ‘inter-are’, in union with it.

    6. Manifesting

    From the depths of your being, now ask whatever it is that you want to manifest. Ask with an abiding belief that your wishes are being received by the Universe positively and with clarity. Visualize, that whatever you have desired, is already occurring in the present moment, such that you are experiencing the future in the present. Feel the presence of this manifestation deep within and believe it to be true. Imaginatively, sense the feeling, listening to the sounds and conversations of this reality and how it will be received. And having done this, merely surrender, knowing that you have planted a seed that will grow in strength in its own season in the Universe.

    7. Returning

     Having planted the wish in the quantum field with elevated emotions, you now return gently to the present moment when you are ready, with a sense of trust and positivity that your wishes have been acknowledged

    And so it shall be.

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