Meeting In The Middle – A Medium Perspective

Blake Payne-Spiritual Medium
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  • The Meaning of Meditation

    I’ve learned that meditation is much more than what you see on the big screen. Studying Child and Youth Work in college then practicing as a spiritual medium for the past 5 years has truly shaped my very own personal interpretation of meditation practices.

    Born and raised in Baltimore, Ontario, Canada – meditation wasn’t a general topic of discussion at the dinner table. My introduction into meditation began when I studied Child and Youth Work in Kingston, Ontario. Guided meditations were taught as an effective exercise that helps assist in self-regulation; helping to calm down the brain and nervous system (whether that’s anxiety, sadness, anger, etc.) in order to regain balance within the mind, body, and spirit. Breathing technique is key; among many other aspects that can impact your overall experience.

    Shortly after college and discovering that I am a medium – meditation became a prime focus. Society, in my opinion, tends to have a one track mind and what we see in Hollywood movies creates an everlasting impression of how we incorporate meditation into our daily routine. I’ve come across a lot of people that become frustrated with it; making it more complicated for themselves.

    My mission and goal as a medium comes with one simple phrase: “Where spirituality meets practicality.” 

    Life is complicated enough.

    I consider meditation to be anything that helps shutdown and calm your mind; reconnecting the mind, body, and spirit. This could be: listening to music, going for a nature walk with the dog, having a salt bath, or reading a good book – just to name a few!

    As psychic mediums are becoming more prominent in the public eye, I feel people only see the “sugar-coated” aspects of what it’s like to be a medium. Since my spiritual awakening, I feel that meditation has protected and saved me during turbulent times; especially the past 5 years, becoming a lifeline. What people don’t realize, we tend to experience: troubles sleeping, racing thoughts, anxiety, feeling others emotional pain, receiving and/or giving difficult/uncomfortable messages – all at the same time walking down our own pathway in life. Just because we’re mediums, doesn’t mean that we’re not human.

    A medium, such as myself, is able to connect with those who have passed on to the other side. From my experience, it can affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally – that is where meditation really comes into play! There are times where you set specific boundaries and you’re able to tune out visits from spirit; other times there’s moments where spirit makes it quite clear a message needs to be delivered.

    You have moments where you are visited by clients’ loved ones hours or even days before a scheduled reading – sometimes even interrupting our sleep. When connecting, we tend to feel anxious and restless; shortly before the conversations begin. Spirit communicates through our senses – seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling; whichever method they chose to use to communicate.

    In my opinion, meditation is essential with being a medium.

    It not only helps to calm your mind, but it also compartmentalizes your thoughts; hosting “staff meetings” with your team (consisting of guides, angels, ancestors, and loved ones) on the other side to ensure everything is in order or to gain guidance; the “behind the scenes” when facilitating a reading. Meditation helps with staying grounded; assisting in the relief of emotional and mental stresses associated with connecting to the other side. Feeling the emotions of others; or a term known as “empathic” can be managed with a regular meditation routine.

    “Things happen for us, not to us.”

    This has been my newfound philosophy on life. I think we all tend to forget just one thing: there is no such thing as a “pain free” life and we have to feel raw and true emotion in order to heal ourselves. Let’s face it, life is hard work; what would the purpose of life be if we didn’t need to learn anything?

    This is where I believe that creating an inner relationship with self and adapting/forming a personal relationship with a higher power/belief system is crucial and important. Meditation is more complex than we realize. It’s multi-layered. It’s meant to be a time to spend some quality time within ourselves.

    That being said, with a quiet mind – brings opportunity for self-development; which leaves us feeling terrified. We’re so used to the outside noise distracting us from things that we may be avoiding and it’s painful. That’s why we avoid it. It’s so uncomfortable. It’s so much easier to ignore it then to go through the process.

    Meditation has and continues to have a lasting impact on my life and practice as a medium. With all that has been thrown at me over the years, I don’t feel that I’d be writing this article right now. The growth that comes from it is purely immeasurable.

    And that is what meditation means to me as a medium, but more importantly, as Blake.

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