9 Signs You Are An Embodied Woman

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  • #1 You Love Your Feet

    You pay a lot of money for your shoes but it’s worth it because they are sooo comfortable. Mostly you don’t wear anything with heels except when you are feeling particularly bad-ass and powerful and so don a pair of thick heeled boots and stomp around feeling like you rule the universe. You love getting your feet rubbed and will do almost anything for a foot rub from a lover or friend and regularly guide said person towards the sweet spots. “Oh, yes, MORE, right there! Harder. I LOVE YOU right now!”  You consider your feet sacred—they have “souls” after all—and feel the best when walking barefoot on the sand or grass so your toes and “souls” can breathe.  When stressed out you surrender your feet or seat into gravity, breathe mindfully, and pull energy up to rejuvenate your chi, shakti, or prana.

    #2 You Feel Secretly Erotic (even in the most inappropriate places)

    Like going to the laundromat. Or the grocery store. Or the bathroom at work.  Sometimes just the movement of walking awakens your erotic juices even though on the surface you may not give a clue. You think to yourself “if people only knew” what was really going on underneath those jeans or leggings. Back in high school you tried to hide how many erotic sensations floated around in your body throughout the day because you knew back then this wasn’t what “good girls” felt or talked about. You couldn’t wait to graduate to adult life when you found lovers who enjoyed your sensitivity and responsiveness and you could be more open about your desires.

    #3 You Regularly Heal Yourself From Sickness and Injury

    When you get sick or have an injury, you have intuitive access to knowledge about how to take care of yourself—whether it’s rest, taking a homeopathic remedy, or those rare times you need to go to the doctor for more blunt intervention. You can feel yourself getting sick at the very start of a virus and often are able to take a key supplement paired with resting to avoid getting fully sick.

    Or maybe you’ve even had dreams when there’s something more significant going on with your body that have guided you out of a deeper illness or helped you manage an autoimmune disease or even pull it up by the roots. You use gut feelings to tell you what practitioners or cleanses and protocols will help you become more balanced, or if waiting and seeing is the best approach. But you don’t just surrender to something a doctor or naturopath tells you. You let your instincts filter all the information and amend as needed for your body.

    #4 You Body Sensations are a Vital Guide

    With every break-up with a lover or friend, with every boundary transgression by a co-worker or boss, if you sit with yourself for a moment, you can make the connection to a physical sensation that told you in that moment (even if you didn’t consciously know yet), that something was not okay with how someone was treating you or what they were asking of you.  Though sometimes it takes a few moments or even days or weeks to figure out the best way to proceed, you always discover what you need to do or say to feel more comfortable: a boundary needs to be set; a friendship ends. Your friends think of you as having strong boundaries and fabulous intuition and often consult you when they are struggling and can’t tune into their own inner knowings. 

    #5 You Know How Others are Feeling Sometimes Before They Do

    You can read emotions and feelings on other people’s faces and bodies, sometimes even strangers, and feel almost psychic in your empathic awareness of what is happening around you. Sometimes you dream about things before they happen. 

    #6 You Love Playing Hooky from Responsibilities

    Your favorite day is a day you can schedule completely for yourself. Though you are productive and active, you love those half-days or full days when you can completely follow your body’s inner rhythm and not worry about outside commitments or other people’s needs. You drink these hours in like nectar from the gods. You are a wanderer and love to take walks or bike rides that don’t necessarily go anywhere, or finding a new route to discover new places.

    #7 You Break Out into Spontaneous Dancing or Singing

    Much to the chagrin of your family (especially your teen-aged children), you regularly dance in grocery stores or on walks while listening to your favorite tunes. Sometimes you sneak a peek around to see if anyone is looking but sometimes you don’t even care. You feel much better after moving your body for just a few minutes and shaking out the tension or stiffness. 

    #8 You Consider your Breath Sacred and Have an Intimate Relationship with it

    When in doubt, you return to your mindful breathing, holding whatever experience you are having without judgment. You regularly feel disconnected and ungrounded after work or social commitments (you are human in a hectic world after all) but have meditation tools to find your way back to your center. You return over and over again to your body-felt-experience, where you feel most at peace.

    #9 You Generally Accept and Love Your Body Size and Shape 

    Though your relationship with your body isn’t perfect —what woman’s is?—you regularly sense and heed the cues for fullness and hunger, exercise and rest, and work to accept your body as it is today, rather than plan for how you will be thinner and improved later. 

    You let your belly hang out and embrace the roundness. You buy clothes that fit and are comfortable. You know that listening to your body is the best “diet” out there. You release images and messages that are destructive to accepting your real body as it is. Sometimes you grieve how harshly you can feel towards yourself, or have treated your body in the past. But it’s so much better now than it was.  You generally don’t give a crap about other people’s evaluations or projections about your body and you have wonderful moments of true self-love and body acceptance.

    Exploring Further

    No matter where you are on the quest for female embodiment, there is no time like the present to turn your attention to this wonderful vehicle we live in—our bodies— and begin to cultivate practices that help you arrive more deeply into yourself, like meditation, dance, sensory awareness, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, or journalling to name a few.  It doesn’t matter which ones you pick but it does matter that you listen to your own body’s response to different modalities and that you make changes as your body requires. It’s not a one size fits all process, and often requires tapping into our feminine wisdom of intuition and creativity to learn what practices help you drop in.

    The truth is that our body processes and rhythms are easy to overlook. In school we are trained to “sit still” and “be quiet” and ask permission just to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom.  As women, our bodies are often the locus of small or big traumas, or even just objectification, and so we learn to push away sensations that are the key to boundary setting, healing, and in general taking care of ourselves. But another truth is that we are already in our bodies. Even if we’ve lost touch with our awareness of this truth, we can gain it back. Starting today.
    If you’d like to continue your embodiment journey, please feel free to email the author or consider taking the EMBODY course. For more information, see the links below.  Happy dropping in!

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