Election Results: States legalize cannabis and mushrooms, and you won’t believe what just happened in Oregon!

election results update oregon legalized psilocybin
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  • Election results update! While two old white men race for dodder slowly toward the White House, and a handful of states sort through mountains of paper ballots (clearly an ideal system for the 21st century), states across the country are making positive strides toward freedom & consciousness!

    • 4 states just legalized recreational cannabis use (including one that never even had medical!)
    • 1 bible-belt state legalized medical cannabis use
    • 2 states legalized magic mushrooms 🍄 and other psychedelic entheogens
    • 1 state passed protections for legalized gay marriage
    • 1 state completely decriminalized all drugs, changing them from a law-enforcement issue to a healthcare issue!
    • 1 reactionary state voted to limit abortion rights (just in case, you know, Roe v Wade just happens to get overturned sometime in the near future)

    Click the arrows on the slideshow below to see what happened in New Jersey, Oregon, Washington DC, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Louisiana and more!

    Click on the right and left arrows to read through what happened in each state. To dive into the details of specific election results, click in the center of the slide.

    For more, check out our Election Results Update on TikTok!


    Some good news from the election today. You won’t believe what just happened in Oregon 🤯 #oregon #election #legalizeit #decriminalize @kevinellerton

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