Palestine Documents

history of israel and palestine and zionism
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  • Why is there an article about Palestine on a website about meditation?

    As Thich Nhat Hanh once said: “If you have to choose between Buddhism and Peace, then you must choose Peace.”

    Meditation is the way of peace, and peace is the way of meditation. They are inseparable, and intertwined. Indeed, peace and meditation are One.

    In order to help bring peace to the humans who are suffering in Israel and Palestine, we must understand the historical roots of the conflict.

    At Meditation Magazine’s Peace Summit in May of 2024, many peace activists spoke about truth and understanding as pre-requisites for reconciliation and peace:

    As Ali Abu Awwad: “There is no peace without truth. We have to be truthful to ourselves and to the other.”

    Einat Gerlitz: “The only way to move toward a solution is for all of us to start seeing where we’re at fault and to take responsibility.”

    To that end, I have spent the past few months digging through historical documents, to find the truth that lies somewhere in between the Israeli and Palestinian narratives.

    If you go to, you will find millions of historical records… thousands of which are relevant to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    If you want the clearest and least biased understanding of the conflict, you should examine these primary sources, rather than relying on the biased interpretations of influencers, commentators, authors, and even historians.

    I dug through hundreds of newspapers, congressional speeches, police reports, magazines, and other records from the late 1800s and early 1900s (the beginning of the modern chapter of the Israel-Palestine conflict), and compiled this folder of historical documents that I felt were most relevant to understanding the roots of the conflict.

    I hope this is helpful for you in your search for truth and understanding, and I hope that it helps to bring peace in Israel and Palestine as well.

    My analysis of the documents, as well as an idea of how we can help move toward peace, is laid out in the upcoming Peace Issue of Meditation Magazine.

    If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, please leave a kind and respectful comment below ❤️

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