Kevin Ellerton


By age 24, Kevin Ellerton had built a multi-million-dollar real estate brokerage firm on Wall Street, with 5 offices and 90 agents throughout Manhattan. But Kevin found himself unfulfilled. He felt he was wasting his life “helping rich people find apartments.” Kevin yearned for something deeper — to be in touch with the core purpose of life, and help people in a deeper, more meaningful way.

On his 25th birthday, Kevin left his share of the business to his partner, and flew to Thailand to live in a Buddhist monastery. During a long period of silent meditation in Wat Suan Mokkh, deep in the jungles of Surat Thani, Kevin began to experience a kind of clarity & bliss that he had never imagined possible before. It was as if the entire world had filled with love and light and bliss and ecstasy. Kevin was filled with love for every being he saw around him, from humans and monkeys to lizards and insects. He spent hours watching rows of ants marching along, observing their movements & expressions, transported into their world. Every human he encountered was a beautiful expression of the one all-encompassing Consciousness.

One day, while sitting in silent meditation, Kevin was suddenly struck by the realization that his bliss, love, and ecstasy was all completely selfish, if he kept it all inside himself. In that moment, Kevin realized his purpose in life: to bring the bliss, love & light of meditation to as many people as possible around the world.

When Kevin returned to New York in 2011, he immediately started blogging about meditation. He founded MeditationMag in 2014, and then traveled the world writing, teaching, and interviewing gurus about meditation for the next five years.

In 2019, Kevin married his wife Jovanna and settled down in Greenwich Village, NYC. Kevin and Jovanna launched the print version of Meditation Magazine around that time. Meditation Magazine was quickly picked up by Whole Foods, Sprouts, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers across the United States. In the few short years since then, Meditation Magazine has grown into a global publication, distributed in thousands of stores across 20+ countries around the globe.


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