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How My Near Death Experience Changed My Life

I remember my death well.

It was February 15th, 2011. I was a social worker at Robina Hospital on Australia’s Gold Coast at the time, specialising in mental health counselling. I had been involved in community engagement for a number of years: I served as a community development worker, a mental health ambassador for Beyond Blue, a national speaker, and even worked with the police in New South Wales. I loved what I did, helping people, and had no idea what would happen next.

It was a routine doctor’s appointment, just like countless others I’d had before. Nothing major, until the doctor administered an injection. I immediately went into anaphylactic shock. 

A doctor helped me onto the bed, while others were running around frantically. Intense energy penetrated through my feet before travelling to my upper body. Soon, it was all over, consuming my entire being. The pain I experienced was so powerful that I knew I was dying. My vital organs were shutting down. I could still hear, but could no longer move a muscle. I had no control over what would happen. 

Time had no essence as I drifted from my mind and body into spirit. I could see myself on the bed, surrounded by doctors and nurses. They were giving me more injections, trying to find a way to bring me back to life. 

For the first time in my life, I was free.

I was the pure essence of the divine. Freedom, calmness, inner peace, love and tranquility – I could feel it all, ascending into euphoria and pure ecstasy as I faced the supreme equation of eternal light. It was difficult, initially, to articulate the truth of what I experienced when I returned to my physical body. Sometimes we cannot explain feelings and our connection to this higher source if we are not taught. All I can say is that I felt at home, as if this pure divine connection was showing me the origin of where I came from and the path to the true me. To the truth of spirit, the way to freedom, peace, joy, love and infinity. My spiritual energy glided into an ocean of pure light and abundance.

While my spirit soared, my body struggled to keep up as I began to let go and surrender to death.  I knew I was dying and if I resisted, the pain would increase; if I surrendered to the pain, it would bring me back into the infinite divinity of love. The anaphylactic shock was winning and I didn’t mind. 

As I watched the commotion of all the doctors and staff trying helplessly to revive me, I looked down from the ceiling – which was now my consciousness – observing, but not feeling anything but happiness. I drifted from what seemed like one dimension to another, then another. It was like a movie was being played out in front of me. I was being guided, channeled; a receptor of information was being transmitted to me of a new world, a world of a kindness economy. I was exploding in pureness. 

My children appeared and disappeared one by one as I spoke to them about my experience. I began to tell them not to worry or fear death. “It’s the most beautiful experience,” I said as I drifted away from them. I felt so ridiculously happy as I said goodbye with love streaming into my heart – no judgment, prejudice, blame, shame, guilt, or fear existed. I was aligned with feelings of pure joy, love, peace and harmony. I call this the bliss bomb, the light, the spirit we all have inside us. Each and every one of us has a beautiful heart – we just need to know how to activate it. Through meditation, it becomes easy to penetrate the heart and access the divine love within. I now had a deep connection with plants, trees, ocean, stars, clouds, sunshine, and moon. I was connected to everything. With my ability to connect with the elementals increasing daily, I no longer wanted to be the old me. 

After my near-death experience [NDE], my desire to teach became very strong.

I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with everyone, to let them know we can all connect with this inner power. Each and every one of us is pure light. It wasn’t long before I left my job as a social worker to explore the truth of spirituality. I wanted to know if anyone else had ever had the same experience. I googled, researched and connected with people who had gone through the same thing. I remember being drawn to Anita Moorjani, who also had an NDE and was given a choice to return and live a life of fearlessness. She really aligned with the truth of my experience.  

I began to travel the world, visiting India and Bali. The latter was where I finally got to the crux of my experience, reliving my NDE as I sat in meditation. The pain was excruciating as I tried to move, focusing on my chakras (energy centers). Again, I experienced the intense pain of dying. Suddenly, in a profound moment, an inner voice of wisdom and knowledge flooded through me.  

“Sit up,” it said. “Take a deep breath.” 

Strangely enough, the pain left in that moment. I was able to relax my body and calm my mind. I looked up in search of a source and found Buddha walking towards me from the other side of the room. He was dressed in a long robe which lightly touched the floor. I remember his graceful steps and smile as he stood in front of me, placing both hands on the top of my head. 

“You have a beautiful heart and you need to use it to heal others and to teach them about the love in their hearts.”

I recalled the love and euphoria in my heart from my NDE; it only made sense that I would experience this in meditation. Knowing this made me want to know more about the practice: where did it come from, and what else did I need to know? Tears streamed down my face as Buddha turned and walked away, fading into the distance.

“Please come back,” I said, tears of pureness streaming down my face. “I have so many more questions about my life purpose. What do you need me to do? Where do you want me to go? What country do I do it in?” I cried and wept, knowing my life would never be the same. I knew I had to learn and teach, share with those who seek. I needed to keep moving forward, inspiring others to do the same.

That was not the last time I saw Buddha; over the years, he has given me much guidance. “Speak about your NDE,” he said. “Tell people. Help them awaken. Wear white and never fear – whenever you are connected to your inner spirit, you will never be lost.”

Learning to navigate the spiritual world has sometimes been challenging.

There are times I find myself gliding back into old patterns or behaviours, consumed with feelings of uncertainty and wondering what will come next. I have learned that these are blockers, fear and carry low vibration. Meditation acts as a gauge, allowing us to determine our vibrational frequency. We will have days when our vibration is low and others when it’s high, cycles and waves. It’s okay – this is part of the ascension towards a higher consciousness. We need to understand how this three-dimensional world works so that we can embrace and ascend into higher dimensions. How else could we possibly gauge it? We are all responsible for our own spiritual well being. 

I am lucky to be an Ambassador for 1Million Meditators, a global movement with the mission to take this world into the next dimension. It’s a platform available to everyone to meditate anytime, anywhere, and raise our consciousness through love, harmony and peace. From the moment I saw the heartfelt video put out by the founder, Anita Marrow, I knew I had to be a part of this enlightened movement. I signed up to become Bali’s Ambassador that very day. 

There are others like me, based all over the world, who livestream their meditations on the platform. To date, there are 100 Ambassadors in 18 countries leading meditations in a number of languages: English, French, Japanese, Dutch, Greek, Romanian, Italian, Croatian, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Hungarian and more. Every few months, we all come together to help raise the vibrational frequency of the planet, creating consciousness. This meditation is done as a collective consciousness: Ambassadors and subscribers gather and meditate non-stop for 48 hours. This is very powerful, creating a tsunami of love that raises the vibrational frequency of the planet. 

1Million Meditators and movements like it have revealed that our consciousness and unconsciousness are leading us into an era of transformation and evolution. I have learnt through research, training and attending events – especially those of Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza – that consciousness is real and the interplay between science and spirituality will be crucial in the new age, the new way of life and generations to come. I believe we are here to keep evolving and the only way we can do this is if we understand the functions of the unconscious, subconscious and consciousness. 

The Heart Math Institute in America and the work of Gregg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton have played a significant role in shaping my understanding of spirituality, giving me clarity around my NDE. They are, in my opinion, the masters of heart centeredness, bridging spirituality with science. The blissful enlightenment we receive in meditation is scientifically proven and is something we can all thrive on. I know my contribution to the world is to help others, to show them the way to the light, to become a beacon. I channel angels, ascendant masters and now our galactic family of light. They guide my experiences as I walk in the world of the new kindness economy, a global shift in consciousness. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and others, channeling the wisdom and knowledge required to raise the consciousness of the planet. We can all be aware and awaken. We are all spiritual and connected to the universal energies I call divine, source, or Light Force Energy. 

We are all love: we are made with love, and can use this power to change, heal and save lives, as well as assist with the conscious healing of the planet.

We are connected to everyone and everything. We are here to live a life of purpose and prosperity, to be the best we can for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. We can access our spirit guides, angel guides, loved ones that have crossed over and our celestial family at any time of any day. We are not taught this; we are taught the opposite, which makes it hard for some to accept, surrender and become the beautiful, Enlightened beings we are.

When I started teaching my Sacred Heart Meditations, people were having profound experiences. I believe this is because they were open to receive and allowed themselves to let go of the past and future to be present. Connecting someone with their heart energy when it is blocked is such a beautiful experience. Shifting someone’s energy through meditation, one-on-one sessions and teaching them to go within is why I am here. This is my purpose! 

My NDE has taught me many things about myself, my spiritual side, my mind, brain,  consciousness, unconsciousness and subconscious. I am aware I can be in this place of high vibrational love at any time. I want to share this with others and hope my contribution can help them on their spiritual path. Giving and sharing this knowledge is what keeps me moving forward and aligned. The mind is not spirit; it’s the other way around. Spirit is love, wellness, and inner peace. When we trust from this place, we become conscious.

Any time we forget this, we can ask ourselves who we are and consciously bring ourselves back to this state. Meditation, in my experience, is the only way to do this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a standing meditation, walking meditation, cooking meditation, pranayama, or a sacred heart meditation as long as it creates awareness, awakens us and brings us back to consciousness. When we do this, we become empowered, free, and live an abundant life of  health, wealth, joy and happiness.

Surrender to the unknown, to the universe.

Ask your heart for answers – it contains wisdom and knowledge you can access at any time. You are capable of bringing your truth, your light, to this life. Meditate by walking, sitting with yourself, swimming, or even dancing to your favourite music. Be gentle with yourself and understand your own vibrational frequency to personally reflect or communicate with others if needed. We are the love, the light – Shine bright. Go In & Let Love In.

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Kerry Clancey
Kerry Clancey is an intuitive spiritual teacher, author, international speaker, humanitarian, channel, reiki master, transformational coach, sound healer, yoga and meditation teacher. She is also Bali’s ambassador for 1Million Meditators.

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