6 Tips For A Successful Meditation

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  • Meditation has a lot of physical and mental benefits, although the latter is what people aim for from meditating. And meditation is a simple type of holistic cleansing that’s suitable for everyone — all you need is discipline. 

    Whether you’re a newbie or expert in meditation, the simplicity of the process urges meditators to squeeze this habit in their hectic activities daily. 

    I have been in a love-hate relationship with myself for years now due to my anxiety issues. I get anxious with external factors like the environment or people. 

    In fact, people who utter insensitive words trigger my anxiety. And people who have anxiety issues know the symptoms that go along with this mental condition — numbness, palpitating heart, paranoia, difficulty breathing, to name a few. 

    But one friend introduced me to meditation, and for that, I am forever grateful. To those who need the comfort of meditation in their lives, here are six effective tips you can try now. 

    1. Choose a peaceful environment

    I started meditating in my room because I had no other outlet. Working and being confined in my room every day sometimes gives me anxieties.

    Although it started all right, I realized I needed a more scenic and natural place to meditate as it helps with the inner calmness. Choose a peaceful and if possible, natural environment for your first few sessions. 

    2. Stay away from distractions

    Going to far-flung areas to meditate like the beaches or mountains is preferable. Of course, that’s not possible for everyone. 

    As much as possible, try to go to places without any distractions. Going outside your house and meditating in the garden is an excellent place to start. The fresh smell of the flowers also relaxes the mind and body. 

    3. Start with a minute or two daily

    The recommended time for meditation daily is at least 30 minutes. However, if you’re starting out, you can meditate for a minute daily. Try if you can hold for a minute.

    Then if you can stay relaxed for two minutes, go for it. Increase the minutes gradually depending on your pace and readiness. Lastly, if you can stay relaxed for 30 minutes, stick to that duration every day. 

    4. Make it a scheduled habit

    Habits are easily formed when you adhere to it and schedule it. Just like scheduling our house or office tasks, schedule your meditations during the same time of the day. 

    This way, you’ll stick to it no matter what, and you know you won’t make any excuses not to do it. 

    5. Use sensation enhancers

    I find a drag or two of marijuana extremely helpful when I’m meditating. Cannabis can heighten your “sensation” and gives you a heightened “zen” as well.

    6. Do a bit of stretching 

    When I started and had gradually increased my minutes, I realized not stretching took its toll on my back. So I started stretching before and after meditation to ease my muscles after sitting in extended periods. Do this, and you’ll cap off your meditation session refreshingly.

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