Chakra Meditation: Ananda Mandala

When I first started meditating, I started with the Buddhist traditions. It’s a very straight-forward no-nonsense type of meditation… just focus on the breathing, concentrate the mind, become still and quiet. Nothing overly “spiritual” or “woo-woo.” Coming from a nihilist/atheist background, I liked it that way.

But eventually I found myself in India. I got smacked in the face by the Hindu spiritual traditions, which have a richness that I couldn’t have imagined beforehand. There’s a love there, and a mysticism, that I hadn’t found in the forest monasteries of Southeast Asia.

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Ananda Mandala Chakra Meditation

When I tried the Ananda Mandala chakra meditation with Punnu Singh Wasu in Bali, it was the first time I could actually feel the chakras, and what they’re all about. I broke down in tears of awe… awed by the realization that there is so much that I don’t know, so much that I may never understand.

Try this meditation for yourself if you want to actually experience your chakras, and get a sense for what Kundalini Awakening is all about.

Before You Start The Meditation

It helps to have a basic knowledge of the chakras before you start

I would recommend studying this chart for a few minutes before playing the Ananda Mandala video (below).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember everything from this chart before starting the meditation! But having at least a basic knowledge of the chakras will help you remain oriented (and avoid feeling confused) during the meditation.


Ananda Mandala meditation is very intense

Ananda Mandala is a very intense meditation. Your body might feel weird. Muscles may cramp up. You will get dizzy. The intensity will probably scare you. Just keep going through the fear.

Ananda Mandala meditation is best when shared

Ananda Mandala meditation activates all the chakras, including the heart (love) and throat (communication) chakras. In so doing, this meditation gives you a powerful opportunity to share your experience with others. If you feel like laughing or crying during (or after) the meditation, don’t hold it in. Let it out. If you feel a desire to speak, speak.

The most powerful way to practice this meditation is in a group, sitting in a circle, holding hands. Alternatively, it can be practiced with a partner, sitting facing each other, holding hands. If other meditators are not available to practice with, Ananda Mandala meditation can be done by yourself as well.

If you are practicing this meditation alone and you want to communicate something, feel free to post a comment below this article πŸ™‚


This meditation is not suitable for pregnant women or people with respiratory or cardiac issues. Kundalini Awakening is no joke. Meditate at your own risk.

Did you enjoy the meditation? Let me know how it felt in the comments ❀️

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