The Heart Meditation

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  • Empathy, gratitude, compassion, and joy: these sensations live in and around the chamber of your heart. 

    Much like the brain, the heart knows how to make decisions. But, while the mind is wrapped in Ego, the heart is not, so it is able to make decisions that are easier, softer, and lighter. 

    Decisions, choices, and desires that are led from the heart make life more meaningful. 

    Try the following meditation to tap into your heart: 

    Find a comfortable spot, either sitting or lying down. 

    Take a few moments to settle into your space. Make sure your body is comfortable, so your mind can focus. 

    Close your eyes, and begin to find your breath. 

    The breath acts as an entry point into your meditation experience. Follow it as you breathe in through your nose, allowing oxygen to land at the bottom of your belly. 

    Continue following your breath as if it is an ocean wave flowing in and out with the tide.

    Come into the present moment by releasing any attachments to the past or worries about the future. 

    Allow your senses to ground you further into your experience starting with your sense of sound. Open your ear drums and focus on a sound in your room. What is the furthest thing you can hear?

    Now focus on your senses of smell and taste. Opening yourself up to your aliveness. What would life be like without these senses? Have gratitude for them now.

    Tap into your sense of touch by feeling fabrics and air on your skin. Scan the entirety of your skin from the tips of your toes all the way to your scalp. 

    Finally, your sense of sight. With your two eyes closed, turn your vision inward by opening your third eye. Located at the center of your forehead, visualize your third eye turning inward, becoming aware of your brain. 

    Notice electricity and energy in your mind. Maybe you see colors or shapes. 

    Take a moment to watch this energy come and go as thoughts and consciousness swimming around in abstract form. Give your thoughts gratitude by honoring them.

    Gently allow the thoughts to release and soften, moving deeper and deeper into your experience. Let go of any attachments to your thoughts and any expectations you have of what you should be feeling.

    Let the meditation take you on a journey as you bring your awareness down to your heart space. Feel your heart beating. 

    Notice the weight of your heart. Is it heavy or light? Is there tension, tightness or numbness around your heart? What emotions come up while focusing here? 

    We put up walls and barriers around our hearts in order to keep them safe and pure. Repeat to yourself “I am safe and worthy of love” as you breathe into your heart chamber. On the exhalation, release any walls or barriers placed around the heart.

    Notice that your heart is already lighter as you let go of feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and resentment. 

    Search the depths of your heart for any sensations of bliss, joy, or euphoria by visualizing your heart as a garden of pink flowers and green ivy blooming in all directions. 

    What other sensations do you feel as you focus on your heart? Warmth, tingling, vibrating, sparkling, shining…

    You are now ready to manifest empathy, compassion, gratitude, and love for yourself and others. 

    Imagine the front of your heart with energy flowing out and away from your body. Sending empathy, compassion, and gratitude out to the people, circumstances, and situations that you love and appreciate. Imagine it being received. 

    Now imagine this same energy flowing into the back of your heart. This is the empathy, compassion, love and gratitude coming back to you tenfold. This is the love you believe you are worthy of.

    Imagine this energy continuously flowing into the back of your heart as an endless thread connected to the whole of the Universe. Infinitely binding you to divine love and a higher frequency.

    Stay centered on your heart until the meditation feels complete. Knowing that this practice is always available to you. 

    Finding your breath again, gently reactivate your nervous system by opening your eyes and taking your time to move in ways that feel organic. Notice how you feel and write down anything that came up.

    Do this meditation every day, and watch how your perception of yourself and others shifts. You will feel more grace, dignity, and alignment as you allow your heart to light your way.

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    Marco Faasse
    Marco Faasse
    1 year ago

    Thank you Lex, what a wonderful loving kindness meditation. I developed a new relationship with my heart.