Group Meditation & Qi Transference

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  • There is a profound difference between meditating in solitude and meditating in a group.

    The following method is one that I developed and use regularly to synchronize with group partners and exercise energy perception and control. There are two underlying precepts for this exercise that I encourage you to visualize during the process.  

    First, visualize that you are a four dimensional being.

    Your body exists in three dimensions and your consciousness grows into a fourth spatial dimension spreading out from the physical body and connects you directly to the world in the same way that nerves connect the brain to the body. 

    The second precept is to visualize a pool of water in your mind with tiny ripples on the surface. Above the water is our true consciousness, below the water is our body. The rippling water separating them is caused by the chattering mind. The goal is to silence the chattering mind and still the water so that our consciousness can make direct contact with the body without the chattering mind acting as a filter. 

    This specific method is called Qi transference and combines breath work, visualization and humming. Energy perception often overlaps with emotion. As we feel the energy responding to us, emotion nears the surface and this exercise is quite restorative and relaxing. It’s like bathing in pure energy and existence.

    To start, take a seated position with your meditation partner sitting across from you.

    Place your index fingers over your lips to self-shush. The thumbs touching the chin and the other fingers curled downward or interlaced loosely.

    Inhale slowly and draw air and the Qi into your lungs. The air enters through the nose, the Qi enters through the filaments. They mix in our lungs and after you finish inhaling, hold briefly and then hum during the exhale. Visualize sending out the air and the Qi you gathered toward your meditation partner. Let the hum resonate freely through you, the vibrations are helpful in quieting the chattering mind.

    This process will go back and forth as you and your meditation partner take turns inhaling and gathering Qi, humming and exhaling to direct the Qi into your partner. After a few cycles you get the timing and the hang of it. 

    This Qi transference exercise is cyclical and can be as extended as you like. This technique of gathering and sharing energy with your meditation partner will enhance your perception of Qi as well as provide practice in controlling the energy and sending it into a target.

    The chattering mind is a constant hindrance and prevents us from feeling all of our existence.

    Fortunately, it has trouble doing multiple things at the same time. When this method of breathing is used during one’s meditation, the mental chattering of the mind will eventually surrender, and you will unify your full existence. When that happens the visualized water turns into pure energy.

    Sharing this exercise with another intensifies the experience and deepens the bonds of friendship and respect. This method of group meditation is from the modern shamanic practice of seeking archaeo gnosis, the ancient knowledge.

    Repeatedly practicing this type of meditation increases mental clarity and establishes a stronger mind-body connection. 

    Additionally, if you feel a headache coming on, you can stop the headache from forming by using this method. Creating the stillness of the chattering stops the forming headache and melts it away. Understand that a headache is really just a storm of the chattering mind. Learning to still the chattering mind is a powerful tool that can be used anywhere. All you need is a few minutes to breathe, hum and gather the energy. 

    If you don’t have a group it can also be done as part of your regular individual meditation practice. The humming component and visualizing the energy entering you with each breath will quiet the chattering mind which forms a barrier to truly feeling and connecting with your celestial self. 

    If you have more than two people, you can form a circle and take turns passing the energy to the person on your right.

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