Meditating with Animals for Deeper Understanding

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  • Animal friends are one of the most valuable gifts in my life. Is that true for you too? The love of a cat or dog can melt away hours of stress. I can’t imagine my household without them.

    I have spent over 20 years working as a professional animal communicator helping people better understand their animals, with the intention of deepening their relationship. I use meditation as a way to tune into the animal’s thoughts and essence as a being.

    What I came to realize is that while I am meditating with animals, they are helping me feel better! I learned to live more in the moment, to enjoy their wonderous little personalities, and to gain insight from them. I want that for every animal lover; so, I have written The Art of Meditating with Cats to share my techniques and passion for connecting with cats. It also features my fiber art portraits of cats, adding whimsy, color, and fun to the book.

    While my book is all about cats, I will be sharing a meditation here that can be used with any domestic animal. Meditating with animals is all about relaxing and going with the flow, following their lead. It is fine to start with just 2-3 minutes and work up to a longer meditation if you feel intimidated by the thought of meditation, or if you have an impatient animal.

    From, The Art of Meditating with Cats, “The goal of most meditations is to bring your mind and body into a state of relaxation—to feel emotionally calm and centered and to be focused in the moment (letting go of thoughts of the past and future). Cats make great teachers for meditation because they easily achieve a state similar to what I have just described. Most people find it easiest to meditate while sitting or lying comfortably in silence or with soft music in the background. Closing your eyes will help eliminate distractions and allow you to focus inward. Becoming aware of your breath can also help focus your mind and reduce distractions.”

    Meditation on Joy

    The purpose of today’s meditation is to connect with your animal about one of their joys in life.

    Find a quiet time to sit or lay down in the same room as your animal (you don’t need to be touching but you can be). Close your eyes and take a few moments to calm your mind, breathe in a natural, relaxed way. Ask your animal to show you something that brings them great joy (they may send you an image, feeling, thought, or you may use your imagination). Let go of any distractions and focus on the feeling of delight your animal is sharing.  When you believe you have understood your animal completely and you are feeling refreshed, you can take a moment to send your animal friend love and gratitude. Gently end the meditation and reconnect with your animal on a physical level by touching or talking out loud.

    (Hint: Your animal might choose something like sleeping or eating as their great joy. This is your opportunity to revel in their ability to find joy in simplicity of every day.)

    The Art of Meditating with Animals is available at or on Amazon

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