How Can We Relate More Kindly To People Who Have Different Values, Beliefs, or Opinions Than Ours?

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    Satpal: Even within our own families, we don’t all agree on things. But that doesn’t mean that we judge
    each other for it. We understand that everybody hastheir own path. They have their own understanding. The whole Universe has created them in their own ways. Their experiences are unique. And so we have
    to reflect and understand that we are not made the same… but we’re all equally valid.

    All of our opinions are valid. No matter who it is, and no matter how much you strongly disagree with someone else, take that compassionate view, to look at them and say, “I understand why you have the thought that you have.”

    It’s better to sit and try and understand somebody else’s opinion than to try to be understood. First, try and understand what they’re thinking. Where are they coming from? What are their experiences? Sometimes you argue about something, and you’re so sure about something. And after a while you look back, maybe a couple of years later, and you think “I can’t believe I used to think like that. I can’t believe
    that was me, I can’t believe that’s what I used to say.”

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    Kamalpreet kaur
    Kamalpreet kaur
    8 months ago

    Can i get it in Punjabi as well?