Meditation Magazine’s Interview with Deepak Chopra!

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  • We interviewed Deepak Chopra for the UNIVERSE issue of Meditation Magazine.

    You can watch the full interview below!

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    Deepak Chopra in Meditation Magazine

    Below is a spread from Deepak’s feature in The Universe Issue.

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    deepak chopra universe meditation magazine

    Also below is the short Universe oriented meditation by Deepak:

    Close your eyes wherever you are.

    And start with just observing your breath.

    As you observe your breath, mentally say to yourself: “I am the presence in every breath I take.”

    Now shift your attention to any sound that you can hear, and mentally remind yourself: “I am the presence in which every sound is heard.”

    Now bring your awareness to sensations in your body, including the sensation of your skin touching your clothes. Mentally remind yourself “I am the presence in every sensation experienced.”

    Bring your awareness to your mouth. Generate some saliva. Feel the back of your teeth, the roof of your mouth and taste the saliva, while mentally reminding yourself “I am the presence in every taste experienced.”

    Bring your awareness to your nostrils. Be aware of any fragrances or odors or smells, and remind yourself: “I am the presence in every fragrance experienced.”

    Go a little deeper now and generate some images in your awareness. I’ll guide you:

    • Snowclad mountains.
    • Empire State Building.
    • Rainbows.
    • Starlit sky.

    And mentally remind yourself: “I am the presence in every image I generate.”

    Now let’s go a little deeper. Generate the emotion of love, by thinking of someone that you love. Bring that image into your awareness. Shift your awareness to your heart: “I am the presence in which I generate emotions, including the highest emotion, called love.”

    Now, keeping your eyes closed, ask yourself, I wonder what my next thought is going to be. And please wait for it. Observe it emerge on the screen of awareness, and then disappear again, mentally reminding yourself: “I am the presence that generates


    Now let your awareness move outside the boundaries of your skin. Let it pervade all of space and time; Planet Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way Galaxy, two trillion galaxies beyond. Seven hundred sextillion stars, and uncountable trillions of planets. And mentally remind yourself: “I am the presence in which the whole Universe arises and subsides, in the lucid now.”

    And now just replace all of this guided meditation with the mantra: Aham Brahmasmi. It means “I Am The Universe.” 

    Aham Brahmasmi. Just repeat the mantra mentally without moving your lips or your tongue.

    Aham Brahmasmi.

    Now let the mantra go and rest in your own presence. 

    Presence has no shape, no form. It is infinite, it is without cause.

    It is beyond space and time. And we are that. 

    So, rest in your own presence, irreducible, formless, infinite, spaceless,

    timeless, inconceivable. 

    We are that. Aham Brahmasmi. 

    Feel your body; come back to this theater of space time and causality.

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