Supermodel Jasmine Sanders Opens Up About Anxiety & Meditation

jasmine sanders meditation
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  • While meditation and modeling are often seen as worlds apart, they find common ground in one beautiful and unique human being: Jasmine Sanders.

    Jasmine is a rising star in the modeling industry, who has recently graced the covers of Maxim, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Having recently attained supermodel status, Jasmine is now known in the industry as “Golden Barbie” for her mixed-race golden complexion.

    But while she may seem like a picture of superhuman perfection on the surface, her soul runs deep, and her inner world is intensely human. Jasmine has privately struggled with anxiety and panic attacks that have interfered with her life and career. She has recently taken up meditation as a way to transcend her stresses & anxieties, and live a happier life.

    I’ve spent the past few years working mainly with gurus and zen masters, so interviewing a supermodel was a new experience for me. I found myself kneeling in the sand on Miami Beach, setting up a bunch of tripods & video cameras, waiting for Jasmine to arrive, wondering what our conversation would be like. But when Jasmine emerged from the 92nd Street beach entrance, joyful presence radiating from her bouncy gait and kind smile, my worries fell away. I could see that she was not just some conceptual “supermodel” – she’s a human being, with a deep soul and powerful emotions, just like me.

    After a centering mindful meditation and a powerful pranayama breath-work, we were deeply immersed in the present moment, and ready to have a real conversation about anxiety, meditation, self-esteem and the modeling industry.

    We’ll be releasing clips from the Jasmine Sanders Meditation interview over the coming weeks, in honor of Womens’ History Month. The full unedited interview will be available upon request.

    In this first clip, Jasmine opens up about how anxiety has affected her life and her modeling career, and how she has been able to rise above it through meditation:

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