How Does Sports Illustrated Cover Model Jasmine Sanders Balance Her Busy Schedule?

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  • Having found fame for her beauty, for the first time in her career she gave us the honor of allowing us to interview her about matters closer to her heart.

    We at Meditation Magazine recently had the privilege of sitting down with supermodel Jasmine Sanders, known within the modeling industry as The Golden Barbie. Having found fame for her beauty, for the first time in her career she gave us the immense honor of allowing us to interview her about matters closer to her heart, including how she manages her anxiety and the expectations that come with her career. We gathered in Miami Beach and talked about meditation, mental health, and her fast paced life. 

    If you are not familiar with Jasmine Sanders yet, we have no doubt that you will soon. She is a top model who boasts over 4 million Instagram followers and has graced the covers of major magazines like Maxim, Elle and Sports Illustrated. She is undoubtedly beautiful on the outside, but she is truly captivating once you get to know her as a human being.

    As a fan of her career myself, I couldn’t help but feel over the moon excited when I heard that we got her as a cover star for our September 2021 issue, Powerful Women In Meditation. On the day of the shoot, I was in charge of meeting her here in South Beach before heading to our interview location. As she walked up to me, I thought to myself, “this is what manifesting is.” Her energy, smile, and presence filled me up with an ecstatic enthusiasm that hasn’t left me since. 

      As we walked to the shoot location together, it felt as if I was catching up with a longtime friend rather than making smalltalk with a celebrity I had just met minutes before. When we arrived, we broke down the shoot day and told her what we had planned. As she sat on the bright blue cushion on the sand, she immediately dropped into a state of serene presence. We soon started filming her and Meditation Magazine Founder, Kevin Ellerton, opening up the interview by doing breath work inspired by Wim Hof and guided meditations on the beach.

    Photo by Megan Gallagher

    Kevin then started the interview by asking Jasmine questions about her busy life schedule. She began by vulnerably sharing that “sometimes, I get so stressed that I wake up out of my sleep. I just have to take a beat to focus and relax. In my mornings, I find that I can use that time to set the tone for my day. Anything I feel that would help me find calm before my stressful day” (2:30). 

      Jasmine explained that the number one reason why she loves meditation is in fact because she can take ten minutes just for herself before fulfilling all of her professional commitments. She emphasizes the importance of taking at least a few minutes everyday for yourself and having a solid morning routine that can give you space to observe your thoughts and your breath. She also credits having positive affirmations that she speaks aloud to herself every day to maintain her mental health.

    Jasmine opened up even more by sharing, “I used to think that something was wrong with me. I didn’t know that my mind, which felt so out of control, was actually just stressed… I eventually got more into meditation, which really helps me relax. I actually found meditation when I went on a trip to Costa Rica. At the end of one of my yoga sessions, the teacher asked If I wanted to try a guided meditation. It was truly so life changing… I cried and felt the biggest weight come off my shoulders” (4:28). 

    As someone who has personally struggled with anxiety, I am so grateful that influential people like Jasmine who work in an industry that typically only focuses on aesthetics are using their platform to be emotionally vulnerable and share the benefits of having a meditation practice. It’s incredibly powerful when people like Jasmine, a pioneer in the modeling industry, are authentic and are willing to share their hearts. She truly is a multidimensional woman doing it all with a humble heart and vibrant energy about her. 

    Polaroid by Jasmine Sanders

    Click the video below to watch our full interview with Jasmine Sanders!

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