Elephant Journal Partnership???

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  • Meditation Magazine is considering a potential partnership with Elephant Journal 😃

    We would publish some Elephant articles in our print magazine (alongside our own articles), and present our mag to their readers as a print extension of elephantjournal.com.

    We might also evolve the name of our magazine; for example:

    Meditation Magazine, Powered by Elephant… or even Elephant: The Original Meditation Magazine

    We deeply value your opinion as a MedMag reader. Corporate democracy is one of the core operating principles of our business, and we often make major decisions based on polls, votes, and reader feedback — in fact, MedMag went into print in the first place in response to online readers who kept asking for a print version!

    Please let us know what you think in the comments below 🙏

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    Laura Gavigan
    7 months ago

    I’m a big fan of Elephant Journal, sounds like a great partnership!

    Cynthia Noren
    Cynthia Noren
    6 months ago

    I felt all the articles shared by Elephant Journal in the Earth issue were simplistic. For example, The 8 Simple Ways to Prove our Love to Mother Earth article was not original nor inspiring. The ideas presented are stale and can be found in almost anywhere.

    I am concerned a partnership with Elephant Journal would affect the quality and content of the articles in Meditation Mag by ‘dumbing down’ or reducing the number of thought provoking articles.