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  • “Rupert Spira is one of the great souls. Read his books, and be clarified.”
    —Coleman Barks, translator of Rumi, including Soul Fury

    A contemplative poem about the intimate, impersonal, infinite nature of being.
    In A Meditation on I Am, Rupert Spira contemplates the essential nature of our self before it has been conditioned or qualified by the content of experience. It is a poem, a prayer and a hymn of praise to the simple fact of being that is the source of the peace and happiness for which we long above all else.
    For seasoned spiritual seekers and newcomers alike, this meditative poem explores and celebrates the truth of what we essentially are: the awareness of being that shines in each of our minds as the knowledge “I am,” which is temporarily coloured by experience but is never modified, changed or harmed by it.

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    Meg Aloisio
    1 year ago

    Would love to win this book