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Want a Meditation Magazine that’s actually relaxing and FUN to curl up on the couch with?

A magazine that’s not just informative, helpful, and satori-inducing, but also sexy, interesting, entertaining, and attractive enough to pull your attention away from the hundred million distractions in your life?

A beautifully (and responsibly) printed, physical piece of matter & energy, with glossy, colorful, high-resolution images and powerful guru interviews that will make you want to leave your laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, and endless notifications behind for long enough to actually fall, for at least a few minutes, into the blissful love of the present moment?

Join the 53,880+ Americans & Canadians learning to meditate, deepening their spiritual practices, and keeping in touch with the global meditation community through Meditation Magazine. Click on the giant rainbow subscribe button below to get Meditation Magazine delivered to your door!

You’ll receive…

Powerful Meditation Exercises

Learn new meditation techniques quickly & easily, even if you’re an anxious mess or a Zen master. Reinforce & find new perspectives on techniques you already practice. Deepen your meditation practice.

Guru Interviews

Learn from the world’s most awe-inspiring gurus, teachers, influencers, activists, humanitarians & entrepreneurs, with heart-centered interviews that you can’t find anywhere else.

Travel Articles: feel inspired, without having to scroll on Instagram.

Learn about new places that you’ll want to go, find the up-and-coming hotspots around the world that will be the next Thailand, Costa Rica, etc. Go there BEFORE they get touristy, overcrowded & commercialized — plan your next adventure for yourself, your family & your friends

Interviews With Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs & Humanitarians Who Are Saving the World…

Interviews With Popular Spiritual Artists… find art & music that lights your soul on fire

Even our advertisers are awesome… we only work with companies that resonate deeply and make the world a better, happier, place.

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Who is Meditation Magazine for?

  • Millennials & Gen-Z-ers with ADHD, stress, depression, anxiety, or just general pissed-off-ness in life who want to learn meditation in a fun & easy way, without the pressure of lessons, the tech-addiction of apps & websites, or the commitment of reading long boring size-12-font-books.
  • Passionate meditators & yogis who want to learn new techniques, deepen their practices, and keep in touch with the global meditation community.
  • Bookworms who are into meditation and want more awesome magazines in their shelves.
  • Meditation & yoga studio owners who want an awesome magazine to keep in the studio (if you want to sell them in your studio, contact [email protected]).
  • Doctors & therapists who want a fun, entertaining, helpful and relevant magazine to keep patients happy & comfortable in the waiting room.

Benefits of reading a PHYSICAL PRINTED MAGAZINE, rather than using apps & reading articles on the internet…

Stop reinforcing your screen addiction!

Deepen your meditation practice, learn new techniques, gain new perspectives, be inspired by wisdom teachings & travel stories, deepen & heighten your experience of being alive… all without having to scroll on instagram, facebook, or any other soul-sucking screen-demon.

Share meditation with friends and family!

When you send them links to apps or articles on the internet, it can feel pushy or preachy, and reinforce their screen addictions. And it’s not even very effective — when they get your message they’re already looking at a device that has infinite temptations and distractions. They’ll be thinking about work, or a message they just received, or emails they need to check, or the Top 10 Celebrity Butts article they just saw pop up on the screen, and likely won’t be very interested in your meditation link. Instead, just leave our physical magazine on your coffee table, and your friends & loved ones will naturally pick it up when they’re bored, relaxed, and in an open & receptive mood.

The “curl up on the couch” factor

When we started Meditation Magazine, it was just a blog on the internet. Our articles and tutorials started getting popular, with thousands of people sharing them on facebook, reddit, forums, and other blogs. And then the requests started pouring in… “How can I buy the physical magazine?” We were surprised by this — why would people want to buy a physical magazine instead of just reading articles online for free? We actually started asking people this question, and people gave different variations on the same answer. “I just like reading things on paper.” “I don’t like staring at a screen.” “I like to be able to physically turn pages.” “I like reading books and magazines.” We sat with this for a while, and eventually had a powerful realization. It was one of those “aha!” moments that happens once in a blue moon. It was the “Curl Up On The Couch” factor. It’s not so comfortable to curl up on the couch with a laptop. It’s kind of depressing to stare at tiny letters on a bright screen and scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. But when you curl up on the couch with a magazine, it’s a whole other world. Maybe there’s a steaming cup of coffee sitting by your side, wafting pumpkin-spice heaven into your nostrils. You sink into the couch with the magazine, unconcerned with how close it is to your eyes, diving into the super-high-resolution images to see tiny details in photos of your favorite gurus that you could never see on a screen, making you feel like they are right there with you, cozy on the couch, relaxing together, falling into peace, love & deep presence.

Fall INTO presence, not out of it!

Computer & smartphone screens take you OUT of presence, while physical printed Meditation Magazines takes you into it. When you’re staring at a screen, even if you’re reading a meditation article, or using a meditation app, you’re just one click — or worse, one notification — away from being pulled helplessly down some random rabbit hole of mind-stuff. Some random website on the wrong side of the internet. A heated, yet ulitmately pointless, political argument, where nobody ends up changing their minds. An email from your boss that stirs up anxiety. A text message that gets you thinking about something else. A phone call that completely interrupts your focused, present experience of reading & meditating. GET AWAY FROM YOUR SCREENS! Dive into a magazine.

Read in bed without light pollution keeping you up at night.

Reading in bed is such a nice relaxing way to fall asleep — but not if you’re reading on a smartphone or laptop screen! The light actually tricks your brain to think it’s day time, and stimulates your nervous system to stay awake. Far from relaxing you and helping you fall asleep, it can actually keep you up at night, for hours, leaving you thinking you have an insomnia problem, when what you actually have is a too-much-light-at-night problem. Take back your relaxing reading-in-bed habit, take back your healthy natural sleep cycle, and take back your life!

Instead of competing for your attention with other apps, browser tabs & notifications, Meditation Magazine competes with your devices (computers & phones) themselves!

Did you ever try to dive into meditation, on a website or an app, and find yourself quickly sucked into something else? Social media, games, messages, random clickbait articles — these are all candy for your attention. Meditation is more like fruits & veggies — healthy, natural, but not nearly as addictive. Given the choice, your attention will gravitate toward candy over fruits & veggies, pretty much every time. It takes conscious control, effort & willpower to stay focused on a meditation article, when there are a dozen other tabs, clickbait links, notifications and sexy photos trying desperately to distract your attention. That’s what we realized, when we found that people were much more likely to click on pictures of butts than on our meditation articles — even though the meditation articles were actually better for the reader’s happiness in the long run. So, we stopped trying to compete with pictures of butts. It’s an uphill battle, a fool’s game. Instead, we decided to compete with laptops and phones. If you see three things on a table: a laptop, a phone, and a beautiful, colorful, Medtiation Magazine, you end up choosing the magazine a decent percentage of the time. And when you do, you’re not “half-there,” reading half an article and then jumping into another browser tab, or skimming an insta caption and then scrolling through a hundred other posts. You’re fully present, absorbed in the moment, absorbed in the beauty and wisdom of the articles, tutorials, and inspiring images. The mind settles down, and it actually brings you into a meditative state. How often does your laptop do that?

Even when it’s closed, lying on your table, Meditation Magazine serves as a POWERFUL REMINDER to come back into the present moment.

When you see your laptop or your iPhone sitting on your coffee table or nightstand, what happens in your mind? “Oh yeah, I need to send that email.” Or “I need to check my notifications.” Or worse: “I wonder what’s going on in my phone right now!” In contrast — what happens when you see a big, bold, colorful MEDITATION MAGAZINE sitting there on the table? BOOM! Presence. Meditation. Zen. It reminds you to come back into the moment. Every. Time. You. See. It. Even when it’s closed — it serves as a reminder, to come back into meditation.

What people are saying about Meditation Magazine….

“I love this magazine!”

Lyndsey Anderson, award-winning actress

“When I saw Meditation Magazine in Whole Foods, I became extremely excited because I knew it was operated by people who truly want to help people in an impactful way!”

Forrest Neal, meditation teacher

What are you signing up for, exactly?

Two issues per year, delivered straight to your door, with powerful meditation tutorials, mind-blowing guru interviews, inspiring travel articles, and more, PLUS…

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Free shipping!

Usually it’s $15 per year + shipping ($4 to USA, $9 to CA, and $16 worldwide). We have disabled the shipping charge for a limited time in order to grow our subscriber base during the pandemic. If you happen to hit a page where the shipping is still enabled, just use coupon code “freeshipping2020” at checkout!


If you sign up now, we’ll give you a $10 coupon to purchase one or more of our meditation eBooks!

BONUS #3: $100 off our Udemy courses…

Including Meditation For Beginners, Meditation Masterclass, and more!

BONUS #4: 5% off all of our Meditation Gifts, for life!

By signing up now, you’ll receive a lifetime 5% coupon for all the MedMag Merch in our Meditation Gift Shop… which you can continue to use even if you cancel your Meditation Magazine subscription in the future! Average lifetime value = $53

BONUS #5: One free back-issue, delivered to you as soon as possible (while supplies last)!

Email [email protected] after you order, to claim your free back-issue. Choose between Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl), Trevor Hall, or Wim Hof πŸ˜ƒ Valued at $7.99 + shipping.

That’s $174.99 worth of bonuses… and the Meditation Magazine subscription only costs $15/year!

How can we offer such a crazy amount of value for so little money?

We recently received our first round of funding, and we’re not really aiming to be profitable for the next few years. Our main goal is to make meditation fun & accessible, and spread it to all corners of the globe.

We are offering you an insane amount of value right now in order to scale our magazine as fast as possible and grow into the single largest meditation publication in the world.

100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our mag will bring value to your life, that we are backing it with our 100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

If Meditation Magazine does not blow your mind, bring a smile to your face, and make you at least 10% happier as a human being over the next 12 months, we will refund your money and let you keep the magazine for free as our gift to you!

Not just a magazine… a community

Once you’ve subscribed to Meditation Magazine, you’re not just dropped off into the oblivion of the interwebs. We will keep in touch via email, to let you know when we ship your magazines, if there are any delays in production, what’s coming up next, and any other important updates.


REMEMBER: By subscribing to Meditation Magazine now for only $15 per year, you’re getting our awesome mag delivered to your door twice per year, plus $174.99 worth of bonuses (free shipping + $100 off our Udemy courses + $10 off our meditation eBooks + 5% lifetime coupon for all MedMag Merch + free back issue)! You can cancel anytime, and all of this is covered by our 100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain πŸ’ͺ Choose a payment method below to subscribe:



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    Get the coolest, hottest Meditation Magazine in the Universe delivered to your door, for only $15/year, with free shipping worldwide!
    Get the coolest, hottest Meditation Magazine in the Universe delivered to your door, for only $15/year, with free shipping worldwide!
    Subscribe now to get free shipping for life!