Significance of Mandalas and Why We Hang Them On Our Walls

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  • What are Mandalas?

    The original meaning of Mandala is “circle.” Mandalas are meant to represent fullness, wholeness, and infinity, helping us understand what exists beyond the world we inhabit. Mandala is seen all around us, in the moon, sun, and Earth. If you study how your family and social lives work, you will also see “circles” of life in them, particularly among friends and family members residing in the same communities.

    Throughout history, mandalas became a prized tool used by Buddhists for meditation. If you would like to use a mandala for meditation, you can hang a Mandala tapestry on your wall. The art piece will help remind you of the circle of life as well as the interconnection that takes place between the viewer and object.

    Mandalas have become popular over the last few years. These drawings originate in India and are much more than just a decorative item. The mandala trend is everywhere. If you’re wondering what exactly mandalas are, we’ll tell you. We’ll also give you some suggestions for displaying them in your house.

    Keep reading and you won’t be able to resist including them in your decor. Because of the peace they transmit, how well they go with certain decor, and their versatility as a decorative item, you will surely love them.

    Why We Hang Them On Our Walls

    Once a mandala is finished, it’s time for meditation. It’s very simple; it’s enough just to stare at the center of the design and relax the mind. You can do this exercise in any location, as long as you have a mandala and a peaceful environment.

    We hope we’ve answered your question of what exactly mandalas are. This type of drawing is also very popular in the world of interior decor. Below, we will show you how you can include them in your home.

    Painting Mandalas on the Walls Or Floors

    This way of decorating your house is much more than just painting them. It involves leaving a part of yourself in the painting of the mandalas, experimenting with various shapes and colors and finding relaxation.

    Why don’t you try painting some mandalas yourself to decorate your home?

    Firstly, you should choose the place where you want to draw your mandala and the size you want it to be. You might start off with a stencil to help your design. Choose a color scheme that will go with the rest of the decor in the room, so you don’t create discord.

     Here Are 3 Ideas To Inspire You:

    1. A big mandala behind the bedhead. 

    This is an original idea and is also a great alternative to traditional bed headboards. Center the drawing with the bed and make it just a little smaller than the width of the bed. Choose appropriate colors and let your imagination go. Some small light bulbs that illuminate this part of the wall would be the perfect complement to create a relaxed environment.

    2. A mandala in the entryway. 

    Imagine that you arrive home after a long day to a tranquil mandala painted on the floor of the entryway. If you like the boho style some candles on the entryway table would be the perfect complement. If you have a timber floor a white mandala would be perfect.

    3. A mandala behind the sofa.

     This idea is the same as the one above for behind the bedhead. The only difference is that it’s for behind the sofa. Another option is to paint various smaller mandalas instead of just one big one. If you don’t want to paint your mandala, you could also go for hanging a picture frame containing one.

    Printed Fabrics With Mandalas

    Another option is to choose fabrics that have a mandala print. Since they are a very fashionable pattern it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you like.

    If the place where you want to put it is small, you could choose between colorful prints or warmer pastel tones.

    If on the contrary, the area is very large, it would be better if you don’t use very colorful fabrics, as this can tire the vision and they could also be a little gaudy.

    Some examples of how you could use printed fabric with mandalas are curtains, rugs, quilts on the bed, or cushions. Depending on how daring you are you could just include some small details such as cushions, or you could fill your living room with mandala patterns by hanging curtains with these prints.

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